Reynaers, Fairfield, Enniscorthy and AMPM Safety & Environmental Ltd

Tangible Results:

  • Reduction of 40% in Employer and Public Liability Premiums at Reynaers.
  • Reduction of 66% in Personal Injury and Civil Compensation claims.

Reasons for AMPM Safety & Environmental Ltd Involvement

  • Need to reduce risk for employees and Reynaers
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Image and customer perception
  • Efficiency
  • Create a safe, efficient and cost effective working environment at Raynaers.

Drive for Excellence by AMPM Safety & Environmental Ltd and Reynaers

  1. Consultation with employees and management by Shane and Pat Dunphy.
  2. Employee Involvement, Consultation and Participation.
  3. Complete Review of Health & Safety Management System.
  4. Risk Assessment of each department.
  5. Provide practical solutions to risk assessments.
  6. Implement risk reduction strategy for each department.
  7. Training – Training – Training.
  8. Revert to Step 1.